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March 29 2017

Google Groups

Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte certs having their EV status stripped (in Chromium) effective immediately. https://t.co/jQckHB5QMj

Tags: twt

March 28 2017

CARNet Meduza

@jotbe Also, you can watch the recordings here: https://t.co/a83fsPMkoD - at least I hope you can... Let me know if it doesn't work.

Tags: twt

March 27 2017

Meetups near Zagreb | Meetup

@jotbe And you can find semi-regular dev meetups here: https://t.co/xL9ngAa1cu, for example: https://t.co/w2nONZfQrj

Tags: twt

How to Help — Code for Croatia

@jotbe If you're into civic hacking, there's @CodeForCroatia - https://t.co/dEpLRWeP6D

Tags: twt


@jotbe Hmm, those are pretty much the ones I know about. We have a conference coming up at the end of May: https://t.co/8ACYqtHyaK

Tags: twt

March 26 2017

Web Developer Roadmap 2107 · W

Web Developer Roadmap 2107 · What to adopt in order to become a frontend, backend or a devops https://t.co/BudV3g0P0h #skills

Tags: skills twt

March 25 2017

Code for Hamburg+Fablab-Spezi­al: Bau dir deinen Feinstaubsensor - Code for Hamburg (Hamburg)| Meetup

Hamburger! Nerds! Baut Euren eigenen Feinstaubsensor für @luftdaten & macht Druck auf die Umwelt-/Verkehrspolitik: https://t.co/7Dbk3losd0

Tags: twt

March 24 2017

March 23 2017

March 22 2017

Inclusive Components

nice concept by @heydonworks: https://t.co/UbKd6gPqAU

Tags: twt

Met Police accused of using hackers in India to target UK activists | Ars Technica UK

Met Police accused of using hackers in India to target UK activists https://t.co/ZTB7Hnluyd by @kellyfiveash

Tags: twt

My Text Editor Journey: Vim, Spacemacs, Atom and Sublime Text - Tristan Hume

Just published a long blog post detailing why I use Sublime Text despite having used Vim and @spacemacs in the past: https://t.co/3oJ3QFFuJC

Tags: twt

Pattern Lab | Build Atomic Design Systems

Pattern-driven user interfaces using atomic design principles.

Tags: patterns webdev ui components styleguide nodejs php

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